What I Told Myself When My Divinely-Guided Launch Didn’t Go as Planned

Actual results, a post-it from my fridge, and money I manifested

Wendy Garrido
5 min readMay 1, 2020


I had a powerful and intense mastermind call this morning with two close friends of mine. We’ve been meeting twice weekly for the past month or so to share emotional support and business support and it’s been really nurturing and inspiring.

For YEARS I’ve wished for a regular mastermind group with people who were further ahead of me in business, but never felt like I was in a position to pay to join the higher end ones. If nothing else, (which of course, isn’t the case) coronavirus has plopped me into this wonderful mastermind group, and for that I am thankful.

If you don’t know me very well yet, I’m all about transparency. Where other people think they have to pull back and hide, I believe we have to step up and share.

That’s why I am unabashedly telling you about the results of my most recent launch of the Mini Memoir Masterclass launch so far.

If we include all sales coming from facebook…

All sales coming from my emails…

All sales coming from in-person conversations…

I have had a grand total of…

…0 people sign up!

For a grand total of zero dollars.

Yep, that’s right, nobody.

Not yet anyway.

And while I’ve had a couple waves of doubt along the way, right now, I’m back to what has been on my fridge to remind me all along:

This isn’t my launch, it’s god’s.

And by “god” I mean the universe/source/goddess/spirit whatever you choose to call the life energy that runs through everything.

I don’t (yet) know WHY I was called to create this program, I just know and trust that I was.

Maybe I was meant to create this course because one person who downloaded my free ebook has taken it and run with it and will write a memoir that will inspire thousands of people. Maybe 100 people will. Maybe no one…



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