Wendy Garrido
Clay Nature Art + Photo Courtesy of Yours Truly

Depending on your religious beliefs, life may or may not be a one-way ticket with a clear beginning and end. But one thing that’s clear is that while we’re living this lifetime on this planet, life ebbs and flows in a cyclical nature, just like in the rest of nature…

It was 11 am. We had set our alarm for 6:30 that morning so we could hit the road earlier in the day than usual. We were sitting in the the parking lot after eating breakfast at IHOP. The kids were in the car. My girlfriend, Annie, and I were…

Photo Courtesy of Angelina Wilson, 2020

Launch day was Nov 14, 2014. We had been publishing our monthly online newsletter for nearly two years. We were trying to build a business positioning my husband as an expert in his field. The niche was an up-and-coming sport called pickleball. From my perspective, it was clear that the…

Photo Courtesy of Victoria Strong / VictoriaStrongPhotography.com

“Wendy…? Since I’ve known you…? It seems like you just keep getting…Younger?!” said the guy at fusion dance, who is easily 10 years my junior, as he shook his head in disbelief.

“Karl, I’ve been through so much in the three years since I started partner dancing,” I answered. “When…

Photo Courtesy of Angelina Wilson, 2020

My girlfriend teases me because I rarely say I broke up with someone. Instead I talk about how the relationship “has evolved.”

And I mean it.

I genuinely don’t understand people who can somehow not love someone they used to love. It’s just not how I operate.

I separated from…

Wendy Garrido

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